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About me





Assalamu 'alyakum 



Who am I ?

  My name is Ahmed Ali and I'm the person owning and managing this website (ASAL) as well as being responsible for the content. I had founded my institute on 7 June 2011.

I am working as an Arabic teacher for foreigners.

I have gained five years of experience in teaching Arabic as a foreign language and three years in teaching Arab students Grades ( 6,7 and 8). I've specialised in comparative linguistics having graduated in Education from the department of Arabic, Alexandria University.   


What's my teaching style ?

  One of my main concerns in teaching Arabic is about the quality and not the quantity. 

I have designed a number of curriculums that aim at what the student hopes to achieve. Some want to concentrate on the foundations of the language, grammar and others on conversation. I therefore tailor the course according to the aims of the student.


I teach privately specifically to take good care of:

·         The beginners and help them put their foot on the road of the Arabic language.

·         The very advanced students who hope to be scholars and linguists in the future , by giving them the most important sources and references in Arabic language and culture and Islamic sciences.


What can I teach?

  As an Arabic teacher I can teach Classical Arabic and Standard Modern Arabic. I have a range of Arabic books that I teach from such as the following:

        Alazhar University .

·         Medina University.

·         Ummul Qurra University.

·         Muhamamd Ibn Saud University. 

·         Al-Arabiyya Bayna Yadaik .

·         Al-Kitabul Al-Asaasi American University .

  Having gained much exposure teaching all of these books, I am inclined to feel that the last book is the most practical (although I'm flexible to teach the other curriculums). The reason for this is that the book revolves around MSA (Modern Standard Arabic) which deals with contexts in daily life such as the media, school, book, technology etc... 


I am also comfortable teaching specialised books of varying topics such as:






History of Arabic Literature.








Why do I teach Arabic?

I have a strong passion and interest in learning foreign languages, along with linguistics which comes with the mechanisms of translations and the subtle nature of culture that is inseparable from it.

I enjoy teaching Arabic to Arabs and foreigners alike, from wherever they come from in the world.



- Bachelor of Education , Arabic language Department , General Education, Faculty of Edu , Alex University. 

- Diploma in Translation , ( Arabic - English vice versa ) , Nottinghill College and Eton University.


Current position:

- Manager and Arabic teacher for non Arabic speakers at ASAL (Alfirdous School for Arabic Language).

- Arabic teacher at IKNS.


Interests and skills:

 - Research into Quranic disciplines, interpretations and readings and other major books, especially those written in the past.

 - Searching into the linguistic dictionaries; contemporary and modern.

 - Comparative studies in History , cultures , Geography and Religions .

 - Reading The Arabic literature ( Poetry  and prose in different periods) .

 - Reading and Listening to poems of Geothe.

 - I prefer to read some writings of Shakespeare , Leo Tolstoy ,and Bernard Shaw .

 - General knowledge and public information.

 - History of sciences ( Physics , Chemistry , ....etc )

 - Surfing the internet .

 - Kung Fu, running and walking. 


Previous courses:

 - Prosody and poetry course offered by AbdulAziz Albabteen poetic creativity Award Institute (1427Hijra\2006 Gregorian).

 - Linguistic skills course offered by the same Institute, in the same year.


My Primary Goals are as follows:

1- To help students understand and comprehend any Arabic text, either classic or modern. 

2- To Spread the correct Arabic to people ; by avoid confusing people with different localised accents of the language.

3- To Prepare and educate our youth students in the language and sciences to further increase them in their undersatnding and steadfastness in the language by opening their minds to understand the context and meaningfulness of the Arabic language.

4- To impart and explain the true message of Arabic culture . 

5- To contribute positively to the Community and wider society. This is done by developing a strong foundation in Arabic language , Arabic culture and Islamic Studies as it is the key to the moral development of children and likewise adults.


My Specialised Goals are as follows:


Comparative linguistics: 

I aim to add specialised people in linguistics, including: Phonetics, Morphology, Syntax and Semantics.

These four levels of language are required in: Arabic, English, French, German, Spanish and Italian.

In this way we hope that specialised people here will exchange experiences and information for more quality in linguistics.



I aim to present the most popular writers and poets and their master works in different cultures, ages in the above mentioned languages.



I aim to translate important texts from one of the above languages into the other.

Example: from Arabic into German or from English into French etc.

Also, it is very important to indicate the similarities and dissimilarities among these languages.

The most famous books regarding translation and its theories are welcomed as well.