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Modern Standard Arabic Grammar Course




The following lines are taken from the book (Modern Standard Arabic Grammar) 
Written By: Azza Hussanein .AUC in Cairo.

This book is designed to be a grammar guide for students of Arabic as a foreign language.

It does not introduce the grammar of Modern Standard Arabic (MSA) as such; nor does it claim to provide an overview of the language. It's a functional guide to the important rules of grammar as used in the curriculum of the Arabic Language Institute at the American Uni in Cairo.

  It focuses specifically on the grammar aspects of Alkitab Alasasy, although not in the same order. Students should consider this guide a study aid rather than a primary text.

The student will not find in this guide a battery of exercises or drills. It only presents rules in simple explanation. The guide, however, introduces a good number of examples and several tables for clarification.

The grammar points presented here correspond to Alkitab Alasasy in general. It deals with certain aspects as a whole rather than in separate parts. For example, verbs are dealt with as a group of related subjects, unlike in the book where verbs and conjugations are distributed throughout a number of chapters.


This guide is an accumulation of grammar handouts given to students over the course of several semesters.

ASAL offers teaching this book (Modern Standard Arabic Grammar) in a private course, in the way that guarantees that
students realize the general aspects of Arabic grammar.