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Al'rabyatu Byna Yadyka (3)





Third Book :
As the two previous books in the series, this book contains 16 units; each unit has 7 lessons with a total of 112 lessons. Each unit is designed as follows:
Lesson One : (3) pages that include and intensive reading text followed by in depth.
Lesson Two : (3) pages that include comprehension exercises and vocabulary drills.
Lesson Three: (2) pages that include grammar and grammar exercises.
Lesson Four : (2) pages they include listening comprehension drills.
Lesson Five : (2) pages they include oral and written drills.
Lesson Six : (2) pages that include grammar and grammar exercise.
Lesson Seven: (6) pages; that include an extensive reading text, comprehension and vocabulary drills.
Tests and Evaluation: the books contains five tests
a) Placement test at the beginning of the book (7 pages).
b) A short test – yourself test after unit 4 (5 pages).
c) One mid – term test at the end of unit 8 (7 pages).
d) A short test – yourself test after unit 12 (5 pages).
e) A comprehensive final test at the end of the book (12 pages).
The listening script, one at the end of the book in addition to the list of words of each unit and the whole book arranged alphabetically. 

In vol 2 the modern Islamic and Arabic issues have been presented such as immigration, peace and war ...etc.

In the vol3 we continue presenting the same issues in addition to Islamic historical content

such as language of Quran, lessons from Serah, Arabic proverbs, and stories of schlars of

Islam in a simplified way, putting the hand of the student on the keys of scientific research and showing the way to sail into linguistic and Islamic sciences (InshAllah)

After a long time of training in Vlo 1,2 ,we find in the third volume that Morphology and

syntax comes in the final form which is taught in the schools and universities in Arab countries .

Any way this book crowns the effort started with Gateway to Arabic ,finishes the stage of

learning Arabic as a foreign language ,starts the new stage of learning as an Arabic person


;as the student now is able to start studying in Alazhar University or Dar Aluloom or Arabic department in any faculty of arts .