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Al'rabyatu Byna Yadyka (2)





Second Book :
As the first book, student book 2 contains 16 units and 96 lessons, 6 lessons each. Each unit is designed as follows:
Lesson One : (4) pages that include: a dialogue, comprehension drills, vocabulary, sounds, grammatical notes, listening comprehension and speaking drills.
Lesson Two : (3) pages that include: a reading text, comprehension exercises, vocabulary and grammar notes.
Lesson Three: (4) pages that include: a dialogue, comprehensive drills, vocabulary, sounds, grammar notes, listening comprehension and speaking drills.
Lesson Four : (3) pages that include; a reading text, comprehension drills, vocabulary and grammar text.
Lesson Five : (3) pages that include: a guided composition, handwriting and orthography.
Lesson Six : (3) pages that include: extensive reading, comprehension and vocabulary drills.

Tests and Evaluation: The student books contains eleven tests:
a) Test yourself (2 pages) after each two units i.e. 8 tests.
b) One placement test at the beginning of the book.
c) A midterm test at the end of unit eight.
d) A final test at the end of the book.
At the end of the book, there are lists of vocabulary used n each unit and another list of all the vocabulary of the book arranged alphabetically.

 In the first volume we discussed the modern daily life in Arabic Islamic world through


different situations in the street, banks, hotels, schools, and restaurants.


The second book principally concentrates on our modern issues such as; business, work,


immigration, security, crimes, pollution, peace and war ….etc.


Throughout multi –subject syllabus the student is trained on linguistic skills (Syntax, and


morphology) designed to be suitable for intermediate level.


The student practices Arabic grammar without theoretical details, however he sees the


same grammars in the second book which explain the grammar of some sentences and




This book also prepares the student to the advanced level which is considered the last ring


in the series.