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Matthew Graulich , USA :
 I have studied four languages in universities and language institutes in four different countries. I have had many teachers. Ahmed Ashafey is at the top of the list ! His professionalism and sincerity combined with his knowledgeable and comprehensive approach to instruction have helped make the best use of my limited time here in Egypt. It has been time and money well invested! I would highly recommend Ahmed Ashafey to all serious students of Arabic.
Zyad , USA : 
I'm currently studying at ASAL with teacher Ahmad Ashafay . I completed the majority of  the Al-Azhar subjects with him. The classes were very stimulating and the teacher ties everything back to Quraan. The teacher is a linguistic genius. He loves what he does and you can see it as he teaches. He also inspires the students to work hard to reach the level of proficiency.  I would recommend any one trying to prepare for Al-Azhar to study there. May Allah increase them.
Zeshan , Norway :
I had the opportunity to study the al-Azhar preparation program at ASAL with teacher Ahmad Ashafay . This was about studying the material from the al-Azhar High School and prepare for the entrance exams at al-Azhar with the aim at completing the al-Azhar High School in one year’s time. The material was taught very intensely and proper preparations for the exams were conducted. Also the teacher was very serious in teaching and was very precise with the time, something that is rarely seen in Egypt. May Allaah give him success.

Samir Uzairi  , Germany :  

 As salamu 3laykum, Ich habe bis jetzt etwa zwei Monaten arabisch gelernt. Also ich kann es jedem empfehlen, den für jeden ist es möglich hier teilzunehmen. Der Lehrer ist sehr freundlich und immer hilfsbereit. Wenn man mitmacht und bis Ende das ganze Lernprogramm durchzieht dann hat man das Beste bekommen, also Allahs Wort und die Sunnah zu verstehen. Macht mit! jeder der kann, es ist eine Schande solche Möglichkeit nicht auszunutzen.



Hamza , Harith Vohra , USA : 

I liked my teacher's method of teaching  ; as he was able to incorporate Quran within his class , I see his greatest strengths are :

1- His ability to communicate effectively .

2- His method of explaining grammars .

3- His motivating style of teaching . 



Badheer Ballam, Managing Director, animation Studios Ltd , UK 

Alhamdulilah my teacher Ahmad Ashafay has helped me progress greatly in my journey toward understanding the Holy Quran.  I have studied Sarf (Morphology) and Balagha (Rhetoric) with him.  I have found my teacher's passion for Arabic inspiring.  The teacher's style of teaching introduced me to the principle of "don't memorize the rule, memorize the verse".  This has helped me to preserve complex grammar rules and increased my knowledge of the Holy Quran.  May Allah SWT reward my Ustadh (Teacher) and increase us all in beneficial knowledge, Ameen .


Abu Belal , Deutschland : 
Assalamu Aleikum wa rahmatuLLAHI wa barakatuhu.. Die ASAL ist eine gut organisierte Schule. Hier kann man als Anfänger aber auch als Fortgeschrittener einsteigen. Ich lerne alhamduliLLAH seit ca. ein und halb Jahren bei der ASAL und denke das meine arabisch Kenntnisse besser geworden sind. Was aber wichtig für jeden ist, ist die Geduld. Es kommt nicht nur darauf an die arabische Sprache schnell zu lernen, sondern man muss diese lernen zu spüren bzw. zu fühlen. Somit das man die von ALLAH swt ausgewählte Sprache nicht nur sprechen sondern auch leben und praktizieren kann. Allen viel Erfolg! Assalamu Aleikum wa rahmatuLLAHI wa barakatuhu. 
Yassin , UK: 
My teacher Ahmad Ashafay is excellent; he is very good both in terms of his knowledge –base as well as how he can relate it to students .
Samir, London Business School, UK :
The teacher Ahmad Ashafay was very patient with me and helped me pass a Level 2 Arabic at my Business School in a very short period of time. He was always available to answer my questions and customized the lesson plan to meet my particular needs.
Ahmad Saleem ,USA :
I had the pleasure of learning Arabic with teacher Ahmad Ashafay Alhamdullah !  I was able to benefit due to his style of teaching which revolves around the student and his weakness .we wouldn't just skip over material rather we would make sure that I absorbed it before moving on The teaching also is very compatible for foreign students of Arabic language.
I would recommend the teacher  Ahmad and curriculum to anybody wanting to understand Arabic and its grammar.
Dr  Labeeb , UK:
Assalamualaikhum, Alhamdulillah I had very useful sessions over skype which helped me to strengthen my arabic vocabulary and grammer. It was quiet helpful as my teacher Ahmad would always link examples with Islamic teachings and principles. I would definitely recommend this course for those who would like to learn the language to understand the Quran and Sunnah better Insha Allah. Jazhakh Allah khair 
Nima , Canada : 
I took private lessons via the internet based on past experiences learning in person with the teacher Ahmad. Based on my his passion for the language and commitment to providing authentic knowledge I studied with him. The only thing that I regret is not studying more.   
Ihsan , Norway : 
Ahmad has helped me a lot in learning Arabic and its grammar which was my dream to learn and my Arabic teacher was one of the best people who I met in Egypt. Jazakallah khair.
Yusuf  ,UK :
My teacher helped me learn Arabic quickly and easily .
Ishaq  , Canda : 
ASAL is a good school where my brother and I learned a lot.
Ilyas ,  Germany : 
wer arabisch von stufe null anfangen will und sich danach stufe für stufe steigern bis er fließend lesen und schreiben kann der ist hier richtig außerdem ist der Lehrer sehr sehr nett
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